ArtistryU Secure


Do not worry! ArtistryU Secure has your back! 

We understand that mischievous things can happen on our website, so in the event that such actions happen, our team will make sure to handle them accordingly. 

Whenever you make a purchase, ArtistryU Secure will ensure that you receive a full refund if your product or service never goes out for delivery or does not fulfill the listing description. If the sale does not apply for those two options, then all sales are final. The Terms & Conditions that ArtistryU Secure has established are in order to protect you!

What qualifies under the Refund Policy?

If you are a Buyer that makes a purchase on ArtistryU, we will not release payment to the seller until you tell us you've received your order as described. After delivery, you have 3 days to notify us if the product or service has been misrepresented by reporting the problem to with supporting photos and messages. All returns must be shipped back within 5 days of approval to be eligible for a refund. 

What is covered?

Please report any of the following issues to

(1) Undisclosed damage,

(2) Incomplete service,

(3) Incorrect or missing product,

(4) Product or service is not as described, or

(5) Product or service is on the Restricted Services and Products list.

If you choose to make a claim, please submit it within three days of delivery. If you have an issue and do not make a claim within three days of delivery, the payment of the product or service will be automatically released to the seller. Once payment has been released, all sales are final, and no refunds will be provided. 

So, what does not apply for a return?

Sorry! Unfortunately, we cannot accept a return for the following items:

(1) Products or Services that are not your style, or

(2) Any product that was illegally sold (on the Restricted Products & Services list).

Sales and Offline Transactions

ArtistryU is not responsible for covering sales or transactions that are completed on other platforms not related to ArtistryU. As the Seller or Buyer, you are responsible for all or any risks with any such transactions.