No fees (0%) will be deducted from a Seller's profits for a limited time.

If need be, the Admin can see a Seller or Buyer account. This would only be for dispute, claim, or warranted purposes. however, other Sellers and Buyers who have an account can see your profile.

For All Buyers and Sellers, yes, your personal information is only available to yourself and the Admin. 

You can contact a Seller via message. Check the top right of your screen for the “messages” icon on the Seller’s profile!

Yes, if your order needs to be shipped via postal mail, you will be given a tracking number. The tracking number may take up to 48 hours to be available.

Yes, this will have to be discussed between Seller and Buyer, dependent on the product or service sold. You can refund an order through Admin’s confirmation and the Buyer’s confirmation.

Yes, in order to place an order, please sign up to be a registered user! If you chose not to register, you can do some nice online window shopping!

You can register by clicking “Sign Up” at the top right corner! From there, follow along with the prompts!

You should become a registered user, because as a registered user, you can buy or sell products and services! Which means you can make some money! As a registered user, you have the opportunity to build your brand and make your mark on this website!

If you need to reset your password, you can do so upon clicking the “Settings” tab under the drop-down box.

You can change your account information by going to “Settings” underneath the drop-down box. From there, click on “Profile” and you can change the provided information

No worries! If you have a dispute, such as an issue with your order, or something that you would like to report to the Support Team, go to our Resolution Page for more help! There you can fill out an User Dispute Form and our Support Team will try to find the best solution!

Yes you can! In order to do so, follow these simple steps!

As a buyer, if you want to cancel an order, you can do so by clicking "My Dashboard" and on the "My Dashboard" Page click "My Orders." From there, you can see all of your orders and on the right side of the order, you can click "cancel."

Upon clicking "cancel," please provide a thorough reason of why the ordered was cancelled, so that the Seller will understand or be prepared.


Great question! You can manage all of your information about you, your products or services, orders, and money, under "My Dashboard." You can find "My Dashboard" under the profile drop down box on the right of your screen. Upon clicking the "My Dashboard," you can now see how to edit all of your information,add to your products or services, and deactive your account.

A withdrawal fee of 2% with a $1 cap (maximum) is applied to every withdraw request transaction for the Seller. This withdrawal fee is taken from the withdraw request amount in order to transfer funds with PayPal. The appropriate amount deducted is calculated as you enter your desired amount to withdraw.