How AU Works

ArtistryU is an avenue for any Seller to be a vendor and promote their brand in an efficient way! To get started as a Seller, you need to create your account and fill in the following appropriate information such as: what product or service you are selling, the price for service and products, any promotional videos or pictures about the listing, and what category these listings fall under. Once you have put together your “listings,” you can then go live and show your Buyers what you are offering, and they will contact you via message!

After you have created your Buyer or Seller account, it is sooo easy to get started on building your brand or finding the right product you have been looking for! From creating business cards to selling customized art, ArtistryU provides you with the best platform for buying, selling, and connecting with other entrepreneurs!

What if the Category of my product or service is not offered?

No worries! We are more than happy to hear from you about your listing concerns! Make sure to check out Terms & Conditions to make sure your request is appropriate, and then email us! 


Tips and Info for Sellers:

  • Make sure you are 100% honest with your potential Buyers in communication and transactions
  • Ensure that what you're being asked of is something you can provide
  • Take clear pictures of your product or service
  • Ensure that the product you are creating is something you would want to receive
  • Ensure that the service is delivered fully and properly by having solid communication with your Buyer


First Stages to Start Selling

(1) Make sure to check out our "How AU Works" video on the Homepage for details on how to get your profile started,

(2) Make sure you understand how to add a product or service, and

(3) Make sure to check out the Terms & Conditions to confirm you're in the clear!


Tips and Info for Buyers:

  • You have to complete the order immediately after you have received your product/service!
  • Communicate, Communicate, Communicate!
  • The best way to ensure you get the product or service you want, make sure you give clear and concise details to your Seller!
  • Use pictures if you need to describe the product or service
  • Protect your personal information and only share with Seller for purchases