Privacy Policy

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ArtistryU is devoted to ensuring protection of the Buyer, Seller, and User’s personal information. The information you provide such as your personal contact, billing, shipping, and payment information will be kept private. ArtistryU will never use or send your personal information to third parties for profit. The only reason that your information would be shared would be to fulfill the requirements of this website such as payment, shipping and billing, buying and selling, posting products and services, requests, and reviews.                                          

What kind of information does ArtistryU collect? 

Our website collects information that you have volunteered to share with us or with other users. This includes personal information that was listed above and browsed or searched information. This is to ensure that you have easier access to find what you need and have a more personalized experience to fit those needs. By having your information, we can also contact you better and send you current updates that are related to your interests. 

Messages and communications that are sent between the Seller and Buyer are private, but are not confidential. If there is a dispute or misconduct again the Terms & Conditions, ArtistryU asks that all proof via screenshots of conversations or picture of work be submitted to 


How does ArtistryU use the Information collected?

Additionally, ArtistryU is aware of the information that the users search, access, view, and use on the website. We may take this information to provide better service, monitor popular items, monitor user communications, and watch for inappropriate activity. ArtistryU makes certain to use the Seller or Buyer’s personal information for the benefit of the Seller or Buyer, such as helping to set up an account, confirm an account or re-issue a password, and for contact. Furthermore, we may keep personal information from closed accounts to prevent fraudulent activity, resolve disputes, troubleshoot problems, and enforce our policies.


Public Information 

Please keep in mind that any information you post on the Site will become public, except for passwords and banking information, and could be available to other users and the general public. Our team reminds you to be extremely precautious of what information you decide to disclose.

Additionally, please be aware that your username and profile picture will be made available and visible to the public, including viewers, when you register with the Site. With this in mind, please utilize discretion when using the Site. We are not responsible for actions that occur with personal information you have disclosed with others or third parties through the Site (e.g. sharing your personal address with another user through messages on the Site).


Sharing Personal Information with Third Parties

To use your personal information such as sharing on our site or with third-parties, we will need a contracted consent. If your personal information is used, it is to help improve the efficiency of the content, marketing, and advertising aspects of the website.


Intellectual Property Rights of ArtistryU and Third Parties

ArtistryU is the owner of the “ArtistryU” trademark; other trademarks made available through this website, including logos, slogans, and design trademarks, are licensed for use by ArtistryU from other third parties.

ArtistryU is committed to providing a safe zone for the appropriate and legal use of the intellectual property of others, and we expect our users to conduct themselves the same. Unless otherwise notified, all materials that appear on the ArtistyU website are copyrights, trademarks, or other intellectual properties owned, controlled or licensed by ArtistryU.

By using this website, users agree to limit use of licensed marks that go against any restrictions or conditions imposed on the use and access of the licensed marks by the third parties. ArtistryU will notify a Seller or Buyer if use of this website is in violation of any terms. We also urge that you bring to our attention any trademark infringement against a brand.


Limited License Agreement

This agreement entails information about the submission of materials and information to the ArtistryU website. If a seller uploads pictures or videos to their respective listings, the seller is giving ArtistryU rights to use those pictures or videos for promotional or marketing use. By submitting information to us, you grant to a worldwide, royalty-free license, which we may use only in regard to promotional or distributional use of products, to complete the following:  

  • Make practical adjustments to the submitted materials and information. For example, may excerpt textual materials or edit the size of a picture 
  • Utilize, duplicate, and send information and/or their alterations to the information for our internal business purposes.
  • Utilize, duplicate, send, and present information and/or their alterations on the Internet and on other avenues of electronic or digital commerce.
  • Utilize all trademarks and/or trade names connected to the materials or information.
  • This license will not expire, unless either party terminates, in which the party with give other included parties a written notice thirty days' prior. 
  • You as the will maintain all intellectual property rights you may have in submitted materials and information. In regard to those rights, will be the sole owner of any permitted alterations that it may design.

By submitting materials and information, you permit that you have full authority to allow the licenses described above, that you have not provided a false identity in any manner, that all personal and actual materials and information you submit is valid and accurate. Additionally, that and its associates that choose to implement their license rights, will not disrupt or violate any proprietary right of any third party. 

By using all aspects of this site, you agree to defend and hold blameless and associates from all damages, claims, findings, and costs (including reasonable attorneys' fees) that may come out of any alleged breach of this warranty.

Associates of ArtistryU is any company, individual, or representative that works in conjunction or under ArtistryU.