Resolution Center

Hello and welcome to the Resolution Center Page! We always encourage our members to communicate with each other via messaging center when there is any confusion with your order. If you as the user, the buyer, or the seller are not able to resolve this issue, you can email this User Dispute Form to our team so that we can appropriately assist all parties. 

How to resolve a problem:

To start the resolution process, please give our team more insight to the problem, by filling out and sending the User Dispute Form to

This form includes several reasons why to submit the form, however, if your reason is not listed please choose “Other.” If you choose “Other,” please describe the reason of why you are submitting a dispute in the box below. 

In 150 words or less, please include thorough information about the issue to ensure that the Support Team fully understands the issue and how to find the best solution!

Along with the User Dispute Form, you can provide our team with screen shots of messages or images, to give a visual of the issue that has taken place.

Have a general question?

You are more than welcome to email with your questions! You can also visit our FAQ’s page to see if your answer is waiting for you.