Testimonials Page Information:

As a Seller, in order to qualify and apply for placement in the testimonials section on the you will need to fill out a Testimonials Form and send it to testimonials@artistryu.com. From there our team will review the form and let you know when and if the testimonial can be posted. We ask for patience with this screening process due to the volume of forms being submitted. Below our team has provided do’s and don’ts for what to add in your testimony!

In 250 characters or less, please follow these guidelines! If your entry is more than 250 words, our team will edit the submission in order to fit the requirements.

How to get your Testimonial on the front page of ArtistryU:


  • Provide your profile picture and username,
  • A brief description of business or services or products,
  • Why you like ArtistryU or how the website has helped, 
  • A brief explanation of why you chose ArtistryU, or
  • How you think ArtistryU could help in your future.


  • Include a long timeline of your business or selling progression,
  • Do not include inappropriate word use or descriptions,
  • Personal information about yourself or your business, or
  • Complaints about ArtistryU (you can email those to us at support@artistryu.com).