Why Choose Us


What is so special about ArtistryU? What makes this online marketplace different than any other? Well, let us tell you! ArtistryU does not just connect sellers to buyers to sell products, there is so much more! What makes us different than the rest is our sole focus is on connecting a Buyer with a Seller that is going to satisfy their product or service needs.

ArtistryU finds true value in building a brand and being able to provide simple things that people need in everyday life or would want to gift. ArtistryU is a revolutionary platform for Sellers to not only showcase their talents, but to interact with their customers, start their own business, and create unique products by sharing their customer’s vison.

Our mission and purpose of creating this platform was to show appreciation to sellers worldwide and empower them to become an entrepreneur by promoting their brand. Also, our business appeals to gifted Sellers who create products or services for fun, to aspire up and coming entrepreneurs, artists, and innovators on our planet! We also wanted to create an easier way to connect a Buyer to get exactly what they want, when they want it! We want to ensure “U” are valued, equipped, and empowered. This is ArtistryU, “Entrepreneuring At Your Convenience!